Build Better and More Engaging Features

Leverage the power of WebSockets to supercharge you app

Likes, shares, comments, or friend requests, tell your app users how others are engaging

If you are tracking users in real time websockets is the only way to gather data and update

Leverage websockets to build live multiplayer gaming for web browsers

Multimedia chat, collaboration, updates, online education can really leverage websocktes

Update dashboards, graphs, financial tickers all in real time in your web or mobile application

Websockets also offer an ideal mechanism for WebRTC signaling in your video app

Easy To Use API's

PushFYI APIs are available in multiple programming languages. So, you can choose the right API for your real time web and mobile application development.

It takes less than 30 minutes to get started with PushFYI APIs that helps you build your real time features for your applications. It’s quick, simple, and easy. PushFYI Websocket APIs hides all the complexities and let you focus on developing web and mobile applications with amazing real-time features that helps in building user engagement.

Node-JS Websocket api Development
iOS Websocket api Development
Java Websocket api Development
Andriod Websocket api Development
Python Websocket api Development
PHP Websocket api Development
Dot-Net Websocket api Development
Javascript Websocket api Development

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PushFYI Technology

Global Data Stream Network

Pub/Sub Messaging

PushFYI Websocket gateway offers channel based publish subscribe messaging to let you create your realtime messaging workflow.

Global Data Stream Network

TLS (Transport Layer Security)

PushFYI gateway ensures security of realtime messages by using TLS. All PushFYI APIs support TLS so your messages are always secure

Global Data Stream Network

Mobile Support

In addition to websockets PushFYI gateway supports the use of stream sockets so your mobile apps can also leverage real time capabilities of PushFYI

Professional Services

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PushFYI Inc. offers top quality design and development services to its customers so you can do what you do best, your business.

At PushFYI Inc., we believe that quantity is something you can count, but quality is something you can count on, that is we have a constant focus on delivering quality services by enforcing high standards of quality assurance. With our process oriented services we ensure the quality of each of our delivery.

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