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Embracing Real Time Technology

Bringing Transformation by Embracing Real Time Technology

When it comes to collecting and analyzing data in the digital universe, one has to mine through a swamp of unfiltered data – to access information that could actually provide them with some valuable insight(s). And organizations are no different, when it comes to fetching user data for any analytical work. Many organizations use diverse sources (such as web transactions, social networks, and mobile devices to name a few) to uncover valuable information that helps them understand customer behavior. However, keeping up with such sheer volume of data creates challenges in identifying relevant customer data and capitalizing on that information. You may consider utilizing the big data analytics to retrieve useful information related to customer preferences, market trends, and other consumer-oriented data. But there’s a catch: the standard method used for big data analytics, despite being useful, not prove enough for many organizations. That’s because, the traditional method is a two-step process that requires collecting the data and performing the analytics, which causes a delay in getting the data processed. But what if you can act on the big data the moment it is received? This can be achieved by embracing a technology that helps in processing and applying required data in real time.

Real Time Technology Matters

Thanks to the real time technology (such as live streaming of data in real-time), organizations can now retrieve the necessary data and analyze it simultaneously. Especially, data streaming enables organizations to meet customer demands quickly and more effectively, resulting in greater customer loyalty and higher satisfaction. While you can find several use cases of real time technology, implementing such technology in retail can be a game changer for your e-commerce business.

Wondering how?

Whether you are already running a retail store online or are planning to build one, ensuring the success of your e-commerce business demands more than choosing a brand name, product listings, and selling products online. You also need a solution that helps in driving customer engagement and influencing your customers’ decisions. This is where real-time data analytics come in handy. Using real-time analytics for your e-commerce business application enables you to understand consumer preferences and shopping behavior. What’s more? Real-time data also helps in improving operational efficiency, as you get the benefit of recognizing and rewarding employees observing the performance level updated on the data dashboard in real time. For example, the recommender engines on the Amazon sidebar provide real-time recommendations that help in creating a personalized shopping experience for every customer. And better insight about customers shopping behavior on an individual level gives Amazon the ability to effectively upsell and cross-sell products for each interaction point.

PushFYI: Solution to Implementing Real Time Technology

Although, a significant number of organizations realize the importance of responding to the customer in real time basis, however, they still need to incorporate real-time technological capabilities. To fulfill such a need, organizations will need to update their infrastructure to deliver a consistent customer experience across all channels. This is where PushFYI comes and fit in. It is a real time data streaming engine that helps establish a persistent connection between the client and server (using the WebSocket technology), and thus allows sending data at any point of time. Further, PushFYI offers APIs that empowers developers to build real time web and mobile applications in a quick, simple and easy manner. The best part about PushFYI is its Pub/Sub Messaging feature, which offers clients with channel-based publish subscribe messaging via PushFYI WebSocket Gateway that facilitates organizations in creating real-time messaging workflow. In simple words, PushFYI checks for which tag a user has subscribed and accordingly sends the data at the same time.

The Bottom Line

PushFYI help organizations in staying at the forefront of innovation, by helping them build real-time applications that ensure user engagement in the long run. Whether you want to implement real-time collaborative editing, aim at building a multimedia chat, etc., PushFYI can help meet your real-time development needs in the most efficient manner possible. Do you wish to integrate real-time features in your application? What are you waiting for? Get in touch with PushFYI experts and learn about the possibilities of building user engagement powered with WebSockets.

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