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Multimedia Chat

Real Time Chat with Pushfyi Websocket Server
Real time Multimedia Chat

Create real time chat in minutes with websockets

Building chat in your php application is so simple with pushfyi websocket api

If all the reporters cannot report the meeting in person, a video conference can prove as good as real life experience. As a fan of the open Web, you might love using WebSockets with getUserMedia API’s and the HTML5 audio and video elements

PushFYI supports multiple platforms across the globe making
Real time Multimedia chat easy

Why limit your chat application to chatting alone when you can build a feature-rich, multimedia chat application with PushFYI`s simple API and Data Stream Network. Our Real time multimedia chat solution is completely safe and compliant with HIPPA and other security standards

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User Engagement Facts and Figures

Better user engagement directly impacts the effectiveness of your business by creating happy end users.

It makes a lot of sense to increase user engagement on your website and multimedia chat offers a great way of doing that. It not only promotes user loyalty but also enhances the effectiveness of your content strategy.

Learn to use Multimedia Chat with our API

PushFYI API’s are available in multiple programming languages so you can choose the right API for your real time chat application.

It takes less than 30 minutes to get started with PushFYI API’s and start building your real time features for your applications. It’s quick, simple and easy. PushFYI Websocket API’s hides all the complexities and let you focus on building amazing real time features and user engagement that your users are going to love.

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