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Real Time Social Feeds with Pushfyi Websocket Server
Real Time Social Feed

Build social feeds with pushfyi websocket API

Create a customer engagement strategy that will have an impact.

In the age of Social Networking, people love to know what others are up to, and letting them know of how others are engaging with your application seems like a great way of building better user engagement. However, building real-time feeds in your application using the web’s traditional request/response model could prove to be a costly and complicated affair. But thanks to the PushFYI websocket gateway, you can easily build live social feeds in your application in a matter of minutes.

Make your app more social with live feeds using PushFYI
websocket gateway

PushFYI’s API is available in multiple programming languages and platforms so your developers would never have to worry about building live feeds.

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User Engagement Facts and Figures

Better user engagement directly impacts the effectiveness of your business by creating happy end users.

It makes a lot of sense to increase user engagement on your content and social / live feeds offer a great way of doing that. It not only promotes user loyalty but also enhances the effectiveness of your content strategy

Learn to use Social Feeds with our API

PushFYI API’s are available in multiple programming languages (Java, Android, PHP, JavaScript, C# .Net, Python, Node.js, iOS) so you can choose the right API for your real time application.

It takes less than 30 minutes to get started with PushFYI APIs and start building your real time features for your applications. It’s quick, simple and easy. PushFYI APIs hides all the complexities and let you focus on building amazing real time features and user engagement that your users are going to love.

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