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Real Time Video Calling with WebRTC and Pushfyi Websocket Server
Webrtc Signaling Server

WebRTC signaling with pushfyi websocket API

Build peer to peer audio and video calls with WebRTC and pushfyi webrtc api

WebRTC uses its RTC Peer Connection API to launch peer connections and allocate audio-video media. However, a signaling mechanism is required to enable RTC Peer Connection to transfer the crucial information back and forth which is missing in it here, PushFYI WebSocket Service becomes worthwhile by enabling you to easily build the signaling infrastructure for your WebRTC apps.

PushFYI provides low-latency signalling services to establish
WebRTC connection

Pushfyi provides Bidirectional signaling services: client to server and server to a client to build protocols and mechanisms for establishing the connection for WebRTC. Pushfyi provides an intermediary server to exchange signaling messages and application data between client.

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Empower WebRTC with PushFYI

Better user engagement directly impacts the effectiveness of your business by creating happy end users.

It makes a lot of sense to improve the customer experience and WebRTC offer a great way of doing that. Connect easily to the clients to give fast support, answers to their questions and anything, thereby improving revenue.

Learn to use WebRTC with our API

PushFYI API’s are available in multiple programming languages so you can choose the right API for your real time application.

It takes less than 30 minutes to get started with PushFYI APIs and start building your real time features for your applications. It’s quick, simple and easy. PushFYI APIs hides all the complexities and let you focus on building amazing real time features and user engagement that your users are going to love.

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